Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Ascension Thursday

That is, if your bishop still believes in Ascension Thursday and hasn't shifted it to Sunday to make it more convenient for you (him?).

It's really a shame to move Ascension to Sunday. During Lent, we walk in the steps of Jesus following the days and times he lived step-by-step. It helps us sanctify the time we live in and grow closer to the cross.

During the time from Ascension to Pentecost we walk with and wait with the Apostles and Mary - the time between when Jesus departed this world for the second time and before the arrival and infusing of the Holy Spirit (Ghost). It reminds that we still wait for the third coming of Jesus. (That's right, I said "third". He was born - that's once. He died and rose again - that's twice. Next time will be the third.)

In fact, the nine days of waiting is the origin of the prayers we call Novena. The Apostles and Mary engaged in nine days of prayer waiting for the Holy Spirit (Ghost). To dismantle this sacred period of time for convenience's sake is a tragedy and shows a lack of understanding of the sacredness of time. Not to mention casting thinly veiled aspersions of the popular devotion of Novena prayer.

At any rate, you can still pray the Pentecost Novena despite not celebrating Ascension on Thursday. I really like this one.

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