Friday, May 2, 2008

Guess Who? 2008-5-2

Elvis ‘appears’ on Welsh rock

HIS name has long been linked with an isolated and mysterious corner of West Wales and now it looks like Elvis Presley may have returned to his spiritual home.

A ghostly image of the King of Rock and Roll has appeared on an ornamental Welsh slate in a back garden in the shadow of the Preseli mountains in what could become a shrine to the most successful singer in music history.

And the apparition’s shocked owner is already being offered upwards of £1,000 for the now treasured rock, which was discovered by chance when her young niece asked her: “Who is that man in the garden?”

“The image definitely wasn’t there when we got the stone, it appeared around six months later,” said its owner, who does not want her identity revealed for fear of her home being deluged by fans of The King, who currently has more than 600 registered fan clubs worldwide.

“My niece insisted there was someone in the garden and I went outside but couldn’t see anyone until my niece pointed to the slate.

“I was totally taken aback, absolutely amazed. I just don’t know what to think.

“We left it alone, imagining it would disappear as quickly as it had come, but that hasn’t happened. It’s still there.”

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