Saturday, May 3, 2008

Guess Who? 2008-5-3

Drinkers see Jesus in a bottle of cider

By Sarah Radford

Last Updated: 3:26PM BST 02/05/2008

To drinkers in a Darlington pub, this could well have been a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

Michael Cartwright, 35, and his friends were certainly amazed at the image they saw in the foil wrapping of his bottle of cider.

The Daily Mail reported that Mr Cartwright "got goosepimples" when he noticed what seemed to be the face of Jesus at the top of his bottle of Bulmer's.

The group spotted the face while drinking at their local the Tanners Hall, and one of Mr Cartwright's friends immediately took a picture of the face on the drink.

It wasn't until viewing the pictures the next morning that Mr Cartwright, a taxi driver, realised how clear the image was.

But the "miraculous" find had been thrown away by a barmaid before the end of the evening.

Mr Cartwright said: "It ended up getting collected by a barmaid when no one was paying attention and thrown away.

"I'm not sure what message Jesus was sending and maybe now we'll never know," the paper reported.

Well, I know what it's saying to me; that I need to spend more time drinking at the pub.

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