Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blood Donor = Prospective Spouse

I have long recommended to those seeking a spouse to find a blood donor. The battery of questions one must answer in order to be accepted preclude much immoral (and unhealthy) behavior. Not to mention that one must be in reasonably good health. Well, it looks like somebody has finally caught on to my little litmus test and they don't like it, no, not one little bit:
SJSU suspends blood drives, citing FDA ban on donations by gay men

In a controversial move believed to be a first by an American college, San Jose State University President Don Kassing has suspended all campus blood drives because of a longstanding government policy that bars gay men from donating blood.

So, in their vindictiveness about the blood banks not accepting those who engage in risky behavior, they choose to choke off the supply of new donors and indirectly threaten to kill people who could use the blood.

The silliness is, the blood banks aren't banning people with certain predilections, they are banning people who engage in certain behaviors, much like the Church does not condemn people with certain temptations, only those who give in to them. However, the Church is far more forgiving of those who sincerely repent. The blood banks cannot afford that luxury.

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