Monday, January 28, 2008

Why I don't trust Deal Hudson

So I got an email from Deal Hudson this morning entitled "Why I Don't Trust Mitt Romney". He's trying to tell us that Mitt is untrustworthy because he's just angling to garner the social conservative vote and has adopted a persona not actually in line with his true (evil) thinking. I have heard Mitt explain how he has changed and why and thought it sounded pretty good.

What Catholics should be asking themselves is how much they can trust Deal Hudson after his sordid past. Deal seems to be saying a leopard doesn't change his spots. I hope for Deal's sake, he can.

Food for thought on the Presidential race: Americans don't like to elect senators and congressmen to the Presidency. Surprisingly insightful, the American electorate prefers to elect people to the supreme executive position who actually have management experience. There has only been one congressmen elected President directly out of the House (Garfield) and there have only been 2 senators elected directly out of the senate: JFK and Harding, all three of whom died in office. Hmm... maybe we should be rooting for Hilary....

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