Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guess Who? 2009-05-08

Man spots image of Jesus in his swimming pool

Last Update: 5/08 5:31 pm

SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio area man got a revelation after he cleaned his swimming pool.

The man told News 4 WOAI he recently cleaned his pool for the summer using a product called "Shock". During the cleaning, he said got some of the product on the side of the pool, and it left a stain. Despite efforts to remove it, the stain would not come out.

The man was working outside again last Saturday and stopped to take a break. When he glanced over at the pool where the stain was, he saw it resembled a man's face. After taking a closer look, he said he realized the face looked like that of Jesus Christ.

To try confirm he wasn't just seeing things, the man asked his wife to take a look at the stain after she arrived home from work. Without telling her his opinion, he asked what she could see. He told News 4 WOAI his wife's eyes opened wide and she said "It's Jesus!"

Since then, the man says, everyone who has seen the stain, believes it looks like Jesus.

Take a look for yourself. What do you see?
So, can we get baptized in his pool now? Is he selling the "blessed" water? Details man! I need Details!

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