Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Useless political swag

Palin dolls go on sale as her popularity soars
Tuesday, 09 September , 2008, 16:51

London: Two new action dolls of Sarah Palin, the running mate of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, have gone on sale as her popularity is soaring in the US, a British newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Sarah Palin-the Executive and Sarah Palin-the Super Hero are the two variations of the dolls on the Alaska Governor that have been on sale in the US, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The dolls are the latest in a line of American political candidates who have been immortalised, including John McCain and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, according to the newspaper.

The Sarah Palin dolls are also available online on The Sarah Palin executive doll was priced at $27.95, while the super hero version priced two dollars more.

The dolls are designed in a bid to capitalise on the Sarah Palin mania that gripped the Republicans since the electrifying speech by the self-confessed "hockey mom" at the party convention in St Paul, Minnesota last week.

On Friday, more than 6,000 supporters turned out to see McCain and his running mate Palin in Sterling Heights, a town in Michigan's Macomb County.

"Where he once played to a few hundred people, McCain was greeted by a crowd chanting 'Sa-rah, Sa-rah', 'John Mc-Cain, John Mc-Cain' and 'U-S-A'," the newspaper said, describing the growing popularity of Palin.

Palin is due to conduct her first solo campaign event Monday in Pennsylvania, home state of her vice presidential rival Joe Biden.

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