Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sounds pretty evil to me: Minnesota doctors debate stem cell research

The Minnesota Medical Association has not yet established a formal position on fetal stem cell research. Today they will consider a resolution in favor of destroying human lives to utilize the germane materiel.

Never you mind that there have been absolutely no successful therapies established using fetal stem cells. The new moral law of science is: "That which may be possible, must be attempted". And the only mortal sin is the regret of leaving something untried.

The great fantasyland of possible cures usually is upheld as the trump card over the usual neolithic moral concerns of gobbling up babies.

Curiously enough, a new vector is being attempted in this debate (from MPR):
"Pre-implantation embryos will be discarded in any event and it is appropriate to gain some benefit from that act. So in light of the potentially significant impact on regenerative medicine I argue it may be morally obligatory to pursue this research," Erickson said.
So, as the Nazis would say "Since the Jews are going to die anyway, we might as well see how long they live when we stick them in a pool of freezing water. After all, think of the lives we could save with our new found knowledge of the effects of hypothermia."

The fact is, Dr. Erickson's argument is an old one. She is saying "The ends do justify the means".

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