Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bishop to Gandalf: You Shall not Sodomize!

Sir Ian McKellen Takes On "Homophobic" Catholic Bishop

A speech given by Bishop Joseph Devine, the second most senior figure in the Scottish Catholic church, has out British gay actors Sir Ian McKellen and Simon Callow hopping mad.

In remarks given at St Aloysius college in Glasgow, Scotland earlier this year, Devine attacked recent advancements in the gay and lesbian movement. Speaking of the Queen’s inclusion of McKellen on the 2008 Honours List which pays tribute to those who have made an outstanding contribution to society, Devine said, “In this new year’s honors list, actor Ian McKellen was honored for his work on behalf of homosexuals. A century ago, Oscar Wilde was locked up and put in jail.”

According to the Times Online, Devine went on in the address to accuse homosexuals of aligning themselves with minority groups to present themselves as people under persecution, citing their attendance at Holocaust memorials.

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