Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bishop banned from Western Wall for wearing cross

Somehow I'm just not feeling any love from our "Elder Brethren" who ask for so much understanding from us...

JERUSALEM - Leaders of Ireland's main Christian churches were barred from praying at Jerusalem's Western Wall yesterday because they refused to remove the crosses they were wearing, one of the clerics and the site's rabbi said.

Roman Catholic Cardinal Sean Brady, Church of Ireland Archbishop Alan Harper and Presbyterian and Methodist Moderators John Finlay and Roy Cooper are on a four-day visit to Israel and the West Bank to promote peace and show solidarity with Christians in the Holy Land, a statement from Ireland's Catholic Communications Office said.

In an interview with Irish broadcast network RTE, Brady said the four arrived at the wall, Judaism's holiest prayer site, without giving prior notice to Israeli authorities.

"We encountered some difficulty in gaining access. There was a difficulty about us wearing our crosses," he said. "We were under constraints of time ... and we decided to move on."

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