Monday, April 14, 2008

The million dollar question: What song was he going to sing?

Karaoke priest electrocuted

A Filipino priest has been electrocuted by a defective karaoke microphone after finishing a swim during a beach party.

Earthtimes reports that the 32-year-old Catholic priest Fr Roberto del Rosario had just finished swimming in the sea on Monday and was dripping wet when he took the microphone of a karaoke machine in a resort in Morong town in Bataan province, 90 kilometres north-west of Manila.

The victim's companions said they saw him trembling as he held the microphone. He lost consciousness and was declared dead on arrival in a nearby hospital.

Investigators were still determining the liability of the resort owner for allowing guests to use an apparently defective machine.

Karaoke singing is a favourite pastime among Filipinos.

Now accepting nominations for songs he might have been about to sing:
"Nothing Shocking" by Jane's Addiction
"I Know What Boys Like" by The Waitresses
"Shock the Monkey" by Peter Gabriel
"Shock Me" by Ace Frehley

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