Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guess Who? 2008-3-25

Image of Virgin Mary on Easter Egg

A Brownsville woman said she is going to save a hollow Easter egg from a family tradition because she believes it represents a miracle.

Veronica Cervera said she was making "cascarones" by dyeing hollow eggshells on Good Friday when an image suddenly appeared.

Cervera is convinced it's the Virgin Mary.

"I was just amazed," she said. "My daughter was very happy and she started praying."

She said her church's priest blessed the egg on Easter Sunday.

Cascarones are an Easter tradition for Mexican and Mexican-American families.

They are typically made on Good Friday by dying a carefully hollowed eggshell and then filled with confetti or flour. The eggs are then cracked on the heads of family and friends on Easter Sunday.

Cervera says she plans to treasure the egg forever as a daily reminder that miracles do happen.

Methinks somebody was cracking their head a little early this year...

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