Monday, February 4, 2008

Buffalo, MN priest sues his parishioners

What an odd story. I have no idea what the real deal is. I have met this priest and he seemed like an amiable chap. Been to Mass there once or twice. Usual crap, Gather Hymnal, etc., but no more wacky than usual in this Archdiocese.

Two observations:
1) They just spent a pile of money on their new school which is a fair distance from the Church on a nice 30 acre plot. Hard feelings could easily be brewing. (30 acre plot? You are supposed to be teaching kids, not farming them)
2) Have you ever been involved in an event or happening that was reported in the paper? It is never the same as you remember it. And especially now with all the cutbacks at the Strib, you have to wonder.

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