Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is Bishop Flynn an Avid "Lavender" Reader?

From last month's Lavender magazine:

Lavender: What recourse does a practicing Catholic who does not agree with church policies have?

Mary Lynn Murphy: In the past, [they] could gravitate to liberal parishes. But now, the right wing is lashing back. Their scouts attend liberal churches on Sundays, and tape-record the homilies and photograph the interior of the church and/or the actual Mass for evidence of “liturgical abuses.” These are then shared via the Internet to foment outrage among conservatives. They’re also forwarded to the Archbishop and even to the Papal Nuncio in [Washington, DC].

From this week's Archbishop's Column in the Catholic Spirit:

Of late, there has been a development of a certain phenomenon within the archdiocese and throughout the United States. There are certain people who might consider themselves vigilantes for the rubrics who go to different churches and make a list of any rubric impropriety. This has developed in some taking pictures so that they would have proof of the rubrical impropriety.

While I would encourage rubrical correctness, my heart would ache for anyone who would go to a church and take pictures or make a long list of rubrical irregularities.

Does this "coincidence" concern anyone besides me?


Clayton said...

Sounds like Flynn's heart would ache for me.

And it probably does, seeing as he was my spiritual director for a time...

Brother Ass said...

Good stuff, Clayton - LMAO!