Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guess Who? 2010-3-31

Virgin Mary appears on marble in shower

BELEN, N.M. (KRQE) - This is Holy Week for Christians and a couple in Belen may have a miracle on their hands.

In their marble shower is an image that they believe is of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus after he is taken down from the cross.

"We built the house a couple years ago, and we have a stand in the shower and a jacuzzi tub in the master bath," said Danell Griego, the person who discovered the figure. "We also have a hot tub right outside the master bathroom, so we had not used the tub. I decided I was going to try out the tub since it had been sitting there unused for so long. I got the water and bubbles ready, hopped in and was relaxing and decided to light a candle. When I reached over to grab the candle, right behind it was the image."

Griego barely knew what to do.

"It startled me at first," said Griego. "The image was plain as day. I jumped out of the tub and called for my husband and kids to come and see if they saw what I was seeing. They saw it immediately, all of my family and neighbors also saw it immediately."

The marble was installed a couple of years ago.

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