Sunday, January 17, 2010

Guess Who? 2010-1-12

Jesus and Mary Image Found in Orange

LOCKPORT, NY - A Lockport man says he believes an image of Jesus and Mary can be found in an orange he cut open for breakfast Christmas morning.

Paul Kulniszewski of Lockport, a self proclaimed non-holy man, says as soon as he cut the orange open, he noticed the image of Jesus hanging from a Crucifix with an image of the Virgin Mother just below. Kulniszewski took a picture of the pith, or the white stringy portion that runs down the middle, where he says the image is, to be sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him.

"I quickly called my wife and said, come see this... tell me it's not my eyes. I mean, am I seeing what I'm seeing?" says Kulniszewski

Kulniszewski took evidence photos for the New York State Police for 30 years and now enjoys photography as a hobby. He says he's glad he thought quickly enough to capture the images before the orange wilted.

Kulniszewski says he knows there are people out there who will think he is crazy but says, he knows what he sees.

"Apparitions are neither accepted or denied by the Catholic Church. They are based on what the recipient of the apparition believes and to me, I believe that it is Jesus Christ and Mary in the orange." says Kulniszewski.

The married, father of 6 says he has no intention of selling the orange that he's now preserved in resin, to keep within his family.

Kulnisnewski plans to duplicate the picture of the orange and sell it for around $15.00 including shipping. He says half of the proceeds will go towards his Roman Catholic Church in Lockport.

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