Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guess Who? 2009-7-16

Image Of Virgin Mary Appears In Bird Poo

The Pachuca family says an image on their pickup truck is a miracle. The image, that came in an unlikely form of a bird dropping, appeared Sunday July 12. That was the first time Salvador Pachuca had been back to the home since having an accident there four months ago.

"I told my brothers come over here and see what this is and they say this is the Virgin," says Salvador Pachuca.

Family members made their way outside to see the image on the truck's side mirror. Cristal Pachuca says she took pictures and began making calls to invite others to see, what she describes as, a miracle.

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Anonymous said...

Br. Ass denegrates the ever living spirit of the Blessed Mother. She is there for us, and appears from time to time, often with a message. Sometimes we hear the message, and other times we are simply left with the warmth of Her love. I have had such an experience, and cherish its memory, knowing that She wants us to know that our faith in Her Son is really all that matters.