Friday, June 12, 2009

Guess Who? 2009-06-11

Jesup couple finds image of Virgin Mary on window

By Terry Dickson

Story updated at 3:07 PM on Thursday, Jun. 11, 2009

JESUP - In a back room at one of their businesses, Greg and Debbie Sapp have a broken window standing in front of a purple, crushed velvet backdrop with roses and candles on each side. The double pane window is not special for what can be seen through it, but what can be seen in it.

The Sapps - and many who have seen it - see an image of the Virgin Mary in the deposits likely left by condensation. The window was formerly one of two in frames in their garage at the country club home they bought in 2005. It was broken by a rock slung by a lawn mower nearly four years ago.

At first, it was just a cracked window, but over time the image formed and one day Greg Sapp spotted the image while he was walking their dog and knew instantly what it was. It was confirmed by Filipe, the Hispanic landscaper who was running the lawn mower when it tossed the stone.

The Sapps have no plans to put the window on public display but will instead do just what they're doing: Keep the window in the temperature- and humidity-controlled, windowless room with a digital camera trained on it. There's a computer feed of images. People can subscribe to a video feed or view the images free on the Internet at, she said.

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