Friday, May 1, 2009

Guess Who? 2009-5-01

Griddle bears image of Mary

Hilda Maciel, a chef at the Las Palmas restaurant, discovered the image on a griddle she was cleaning last Wednesday. The following day, the Rev. Gerardo Fernandez of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Calexico confirmed the image was indeed a true likeness of the Virgin Mary.

So far more than 100 people have dropped by to view the griddle, Brenda Martinez, general manager at the restaurant.

The onlookers have included several Mexican wrestlers who were booked to appear at the Las Palmas swap meet as a special promotion.

Since the discovery, the griddle has been taken out of service and placed in a shrine in a storage room. Martinez said her family is planning to renovate the room and will continue allowing people to view the griddle for free.

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