Thursday, April 30, 2009

The right answer to "Angels & Demons"

Now, here is a Bishop who gets it! He makes Bill Donohue look like a blubbering idiot.

Vatican's P.R. strategy against 'Angels and Demons' is to not have one

''Be careful not to play their game," a top Vatican official, Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, said in the Italian newspaper La Stampa on March 20. "Dramatizing the question unintentionally gives publicity."
Of course, if your job is to be outraged at things so you can get more donations, you'd have a hard time swallowing this very clear thinking.

The Rev. John Wauck, a priest in the controversial Opus Dei movement that was a target in "The Da Vinci Code," agreed.

''Some people have called for a boycott but no one at the Vatican is speaking in those terms," said Wauck, who teaches communications at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome. "And I don't think there's any need to boycott this movie particularly after the scathing reviews that 'The Da Vinci Code' received."

''The truth is I don't think 'The Da Vinci Code' or 'Angels and Demons' is going to do much harm to Christianity," Wauck said. "The real impact has been on tourism. Dan Brown has brought a lot of people to Rome and they come looking for that mixture of history and mystery and religion and art and beauty that I really think is the reason why those books sell."
Exactly. How refreshing.

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