Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something Fishy III

Read these to get up to speed: Something Fishy I & Something Fishy II

Adding on to the above stories, now we have this hapless character; 25 year-old Kelvin Benjamin Smalls who has been framed with this theft. Apparently, according to the story, he was ID'd by DNA tests from blood left at the scene.

Charge filed at break-in of Archbishop's residence

So we are to believe that this fellow, (who has prior convictions for theft and aggravated robbery and auto theft), has graduated to keeping track of episcopal ceremonials to identify burglary prospects?

That this homeless man climbed up the outside of this building to break a window of the very room where the good were and then ambled down the street with a heavy safe all by himself?

Here's another little thing - (read the above stories to verify)- the safe miraculously keeps getting smaller. First it was 75 pounds, then 65. Now it is down to 50 pounds. Amazing. I wonder if is a contestant on "The Biggest Loser"?

What I really want to know is what was really in that safe, and who really took it?

Up until the break-in, the Abp was something of a hard charger, taking on vocally dissident parishes and actively reforming them. Since then, he has been much more behind the scenes. Go figure. It doesn't add up to me.

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