Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here's a nice story to get you into a Lenten mood

Calling all big eaters. Gorge on huge quantities of food in a short amount of time and you get ... mostly just bragging rights

By Nancy Ngo, Pioneer Press

Updated: 02/25/2009 11:57:23 PM CST

Extreme eating is not only a sport but also the latest dining trend. From wolfing down giant pizzas to testing their tolerance for spice, daredevil diners are flocking to restaurants to take on the latest eating challenges. For them, it's mostly about bragging rights. For restaurants, it's about marketing.

Randy's Premier Pizza in Oakdale dares a group of four to eat a 30-inch pizza with two toppings — at least one meat — in less than 30 minutes. The payoff for finishing the $78 pie — equivalent to 4 1/2 large pizzas — is the tab is on the house and each contestant walks away with a T-shirt that reads, 'I ate the whole thing.'

Read the rest here. Nice job PP. Maybe you could do a story on Uncle Toms during the next Black History Month?

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