Monday, December 8, 2008

Guess Who? 2008-12-07

PHOENIX -- Hoards of people flocked to McKinley between 29th Avenue and 31st Avenue last night.

There were so many people that the police were called to keep the crowd under control.

"Everyone just stay on the sidewalk," police told the crowd, "because we're getting calls from people that can't get to their houses."

Officers showed up after a sighting of the Virgin Mary in the sidewalk.

"There - you see it?" was commonly heard from the crowd of people.

The image looks like a water mark - but the sidewalk is dry.

"We touched the image; we thought it was water. You can't get no stain on your hand, so we know its the Virgin Mary," says one onlooker.

People aren't surprised to see her - the 12th of December is her birthday.

"She comes out because she wants everyone to know its her birthday and it's something she wants us to celebrate. It's just something that she's happy for."

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