Friday, October 3, 2008

Guess who? 2008-10-03

The Fatima Teardrop

During October 2007, I was visiting my Aunt Jean in New York. While I was there, her friend stopped over to visit. The friend's name is Susan. Susan is a very religious woman. She is a devoted Roman Catholic. Susan said something miraculous happened while she was visiting the Fatima Shrine in Portugal.

Susan had recently suffered a traumatic event and was at the Shrine to pray for guidance. One of her tears dropped onto her glasses and formed the attached image. People went nuts. A nun asked to see the glasses and ran off with them. Susan had to track her down in order to retrieve the glasses. It was a real big deal. Everyone at the Shrine felt that the image was that of the Lady of Fatima. Susan has not worn the glasses since the day of the event. She is now very cautious with the glasses. I looked at the image for the first time and thought 'Wow that looks really detailed.' I took several close-up digital pictures of the glasses to inspect later.

Upon inspection, I was amazed at the details of the teardrop. I can see why people think the image looks like the Lady of Fatima. I also think the image looks like the famous Brown Lady ghost. What do you think? I have attached both images, as well as an enlargement of the teardrop image-- that is one very detailed tear! Is it the Lady of Fatima? You decide. I took this picture using my Kodak 3X EasyShare C743 digital camera. The image was not doctored or changed in any way.

--Jim Jackson

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