Saturday, September 27, 2008

Guess Who? 2008-9-27

Is that Captain Morgan?

ADELAIDE man Sam Marinos believes he has been blessed with the holiest of gifts - the image of Jesus Christ - in the dregs of a Greek coffee.

So strong was Mr Marinos's belief that he has preserved "Christ's" image by storing the stained mug in an air-tight container for more than four years.

Now he wants to put his cup of Christ to the litmus test of public opinion and is considering selling it on eBay.

"When I saw it I thought it was the icon straight away," the 53-year-old said. "There was just some feeling about it, that's why we never washed it and we sealed it, and we kept it.

"I'm just curious as to what other people think." Father George Athansiadis, from the Greek Orthodox Community Church of Croydon, was shown the cup on Friday.

He said while there certainly appeared to be an image resembling Jesus Christ he would not go so far as calling it an "apparition".

"It's remarkable what the coffee beans did in the cup, but I will not support the idea that it is God-sent or God-made," he said.

The image appeared after Mr Marinos enjoyed his daily ritual of a morning cup of coffee with his wife.

He followed his family tradition of "reading" the coffee grounds that collect at the bottom of the Greek coffee.

The empty coffee cup is turned upside down to allow the remaining "mud" – a feature of Greek coffee – to run down the inside of the cup and dry.

When Mr Marinos returned the coffee to its upright position he was "absolutely stunned" to see what he believed to be Jesus Christ staring back at him.

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