Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guess Who Twofer 2008-08-21

Man Sees Image Of Jesus On One Side Of Wood: When The Image Is Flipped Over, He Sees Demonic-Like Image
CUTLER BAY (CBS4) ― A South Florida man has found inspiration on a piece of wood, but it depends on which way you look at it.

Walston Hixson, a cabinet maker from Cutler Bay, says he sees an image of Jesus Christ on one side of the wood.

However, Hixson says the wood tells two tales of good and evil. That's because when the wood is flipped over, he sees an image of a demonic-like creature, or the devil.

Hixson says he's considered selling his "divine" plank on eBay, but hasn't made up his mind yet. If he were to use the wood for work, he might turn it into a panel for a cabinet door. "I actually don't want to get rid of it now," he admitted, "because I feel a bit scared, like a bit of a connection here."

He also says he probably won't do anything to preserve it. "I could sand it up, give it a nice finish. It's natural the way it is, I don't want to touch this natural beauty."

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