Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chaput - all talk, no substance

Gentle readers, don't be duped by the George Weigel/Deal Hudson/Frank Pavone "conservative, pro-life" Catholic cabal.

These type of stories are bunk. They are nothing but propaganda designed to lull you into a pro-life reverie so you can fall asleep sucking your thumb thinking those higher ups are doing the right thing.

This story by Barb Kralis (one of my heroes) is the truth. Chaput is just "shoulding" on his diocese and the whole country for that matter. He tells them this politician "should" do this, and this one "shouldn't" do that. All he ends up with is a big stinking pile of "should".

Well, Chaput SHOULD stop acting like a politician and act like a man and issue an order to his priests to withhold communion from these manifest public sinners and stop "shoulding" to the press.

I'd like to see Chaput's pastoral methods employed in the rearing of children. I'm sure they'd be very effective. "Now Johnny, we know that hitting your sister with a bat is wrong, but I am not going to impose my will on you. You know what is right, please follow your conscience."

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