Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hows that "conservative" Archbishop working out Part I follow-up

So what really happened at St. Joan's?

They were told they couldn't pray for gays in the Church building. So they prayed outside. Fr. Debruycker took a leave of absence - apparently he has not been removed or re-assigned and is going to return. Fr. Cassidy is in situ now and was gladly hamming it up for the news cameras, flitting about shrilling for inclusiveness.

And Katherine Kersten got a column out of it.

But, has anything really changed?

Methinks not.

Yes, yes, I should wait and see. Well, that's what I'm doing... still waiting....

By the way: I'm also still waiting for that carpet to levitate off the floor and Fr. Jim to sit down cross-legged like Aladdin and fly around the room. Wanna bet he is saying "Sim Salla Bim!" in that picture?

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