Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Holy Toledo!

Dottie Zimmerman teaches religion in the Toledo diocese.

She must be a heck of a teacher. She was named the outstanding teacher in the 19-county Toledo Catholic Diocese in 1981.

She also speaks to Padre Pio regularly. Of course, when she first started talking to him, she thought he was Merlin the Magician. I know, easy mistake.

Love, laugh, and breathe are the saint's three words, according to Dottie. Funny, I don't remember him saying that. Ever.

And well, actually, she doesn't just talk to the saint, she channels him. He speaks through her. She also channels her dead mother and her dead husband.

Recently, Padre Pio had this to say through Dottie:

"The priest abuse and some of the other things, that is not making the church a bad or a good place. The way it will work is how it is handled. And in those dioceses where it is being handled openly and with compassion and with care, and explanation and openness, I think those parishes and that church there will be very strong."

You know, he sounds like a Catholic Denny Green. Pretty non-committal if you ask me. For the uninitiated, Denny Green, former Vikings football coach was famous for saying things like - "Well, if the other team scores more points than us, it is likely they will win".

Read the whole article on Dottie here. If you're like me, you are left wondering why she hasn't been promoted to the head of religious education for the whole diocese.

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