Tuesday, June 24, 2008

He didn't know... really... honest

So, after our little jab at St. Joan's parish still having GLBT (or is it LGBT? Who knows? I want a BLT.) junk on their website last week after having both bishops Campbell and Pates visit and admonish them months and months ago about it; lo and behold, down it comes and with a cherry on top: Archdiocese Forbids Gay Service During Pride Fest. Of course, this is construed as some sort of act of violence by the homos. But here's the kicker:

McGrath said the services weren't canceled in previous years because the archdiocese was not aware of them. "It was not something that happened because there's a new regime," McGrath said. "If (previous Archbishop Harry Flynn) had known of it, the same thing would have happened."

He didn't know... he just didn't know. That's a great defense. I hope that works out for ya'. What else ya' got?

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