Friday, May 23, 2008

Guess Who? 2008-5-23

Man captures image of Wal-Mart bag resembling Virgin Mary

One day, it’s a plastic bag full of groceries. Two days later, that same bag took on a shape John Wasendorf believes resembles the Virgin Mary and the face of Jesus Christ.

Wasendorf, of Lone Tree, said he went shopping at Wal-Mart on April 13. He came home, took the groceries out of the bag and tossed it on the dining room table.

Two days later, while resting on his couch, Wasendorf looked over at the bag and saw the religious figures.

“This is something that is plain as day,” he said. “I guess it landed just right.”

He said the house was warm the day he went shopping, so he opened the blinds. He said that the sunlight coming in though the windows helped create the image.
He believes on the right it is almost the head-to-toe image of the Virgin Mary. To the left, he sees the face of Jesus.

I believe this apparition has a message for our current times. The BVM is telling us to go out and spend our GWB stimulus checks at Wal-Mart to help the economy.

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