Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We are an Antler People

Another outstanding post from Diogenes absurdizing those who advocate a normalization of homosexuality especially in the seminary and linking them to the hapless Bryan Hathaway.
Wisconsin's Bryan Hathaway is a Thinking Catholic. That's to say, he doesn't check his brains at the door and conform to the Church's one-size-fits-all morality, but creatively explores non-traditional and holistic ways of expressing his sexual self. As a consequence (Wisconsin being an lamentably backward state), he's currently doing nine months in the slammer:

After reading the above article, consider for a moment, signing the Free Bryan petition:

A caring and loving relationship with a consenting dead animal on the side of the road is a constitutional right of every American regardless of ethnic, religious, or economic background.

Bryan James Hathaway is a young minority activist from Wisconsin who has been on the forefront of progressive struggle for the liberation of inanimate objects, plants, animals, and household appliances. His selfless devotion to fighting speciism and necrophobia in our society has led him to be brutally persecuted, tortured, and incarcerated - all for a laughable "crime" of "sexual gratification with a dead deer on the side of the road." As if his prior conviction of "horsing around" had not been enough, the bigoted ruling class is once again making him the whipping boy of their own suppressed anxieties, fantasies, and desires.
WWCWD? What would Christopher West Do?

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