Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh, I definitely believe her

Julianne Hough Tells Mag She Wants to Remain a Virgin Until Marriage

In a recent interview, the 19-year-old spoke of her trouble fitting in with the Hollywood crowd, due to the presence of the drugs, sex and alcohol she refrains from.

Hough says she wants "to be with that special person ... and [waiting to have sex] will strengthen that relationship. I'm not trying to preach consequences here, but I think when you say no, down the line it will be a better decision."

She admits keeping up with her goals can be difficult at times — but her family has been supportive.

"My dad, whom I'm very close with, will text me, 'Are you doing the right things, in the right place, at the right time?' And it's usually when I'm someplace I shouldn't be. So I'll call him and say, 'Thanks, I needed to hear that.'"

Hough broke up with her fiance last year.

There is a word for girls who dress and act like that and say what she says.

But what do I know? Chris West would say I must have negative purity. I should celebrate her chastity and the beauty of the way God made her.


Anonymous said...

Who are YOU to judge??????

Anonymous said...

I definately agree with this blogger. It is hypocritical to say you want to save yourself until marriage, yet dress like a slut. I'm 20 and I am saving myself for marriage...and I definately do not go around flaunting my body around to see how many men I can get to drool after me and desire me sexually...that's kind of going against what I stand for. She's a fake...I don't like her.

Anonymous said...

If you are 20, I can see why you can't see the difference between a person's job and their personal life. How do you know how she dresses outside of her jobs? GROW UP

JohnDC said...

Another 20 year old American idiot.. We grow them like weeds these days.

A hollywood star, a dancer, and more, who doesn't care for the prevalent drug, sex, drink, smoke, low class, excessively loose lifestyles of those industries..

Not caring for all of this while working amongst it all..

Do you really think the girl deserves the ignorant criticism you provide..?

It sounds like you may have some emotional issues that may overcome any sense, with insecurity. Sounds strongly like jealousy..

Fyi, you should get around a bit more, the outfit is Very Far from sluttly.. Class, sophisticated, and difficult for you, very sexy..

Slutty is what you see on MTV or the mall all day long every day across the country..

If a particular classy individual believes and feels that 1. they would like to live a clean respecable life for themselves, and 2. they feel attractive, and allow themselves to relay being so in music and television..

there probably really is No hyprocracy, just individual choices and beliefs in the individual's life they wish to lead..

I would imagine she's far more successful by all great standards personal and professionally than you may be.

It takes 10 minutes just briefly looking to see the girl is an impressive individual, an original, and likely nothing approaching a fake.

You may want to rethink your issues and try again in some limited use of that grey matter not really being engaged there..

If this countrys primary problem was virtuous respectable young peope looking sexy, but being virtuous respectable while they do it, we would be light years ahead in cutlure and social fabirc we've created..

You may want to conisder that she is actually on your side in the culture war you are up against.

Also that behavior like yous is that which the cutlure destroyers actively attempt to use to compromise other more easily influenced young people, a backlash against what can be shown as a dogmatic approach lacking reason.

You help the other side when you trash those who you should be supporting..

JT said...

I would so wait for the right time to have sex. You dont find a good young lady that has a good head on her shoulders such as Julianne. Sex isnt everything a good relationship/friendship should come first!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but what kind of morals have you been exposed to? Preaching that you want to stay a virgin till marriage and then running around stage in little tiny shorts during the CMA Music Festival is quite hypocritical wouldn't you say? I agree with the blogger, if you want to promote yourself as a good, wholesome young woman. DRESS LIKE IT.
I'm not saying she has to dress like a nun, but she dresses the way the high school slutty cheer leaders do. Hmm. Great example right there.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of Fat loser's. Get a life1

Anonymous said...

I am an attractive 33 year old man and a virgin by choice... I don't just drop my pants for the next hottie to come along. It doesn't mean I can't show off what I have sometimes though. I have been endlessly curious, tempted, and ridiculed for my choices. Quite honestly, it helps to flaunt myself sometimes... it helps to purge some of the sexual energy/tension and frustration so that I can survive. Most the people commenting here are talking about something of which they have no understanding and so I say they are the hyprocrites. To the 2nd person who commented - I don't mean to disrespect but I imagine you don't flaunt yourself because there isn't much to flaunt. I guarantee you are no Julianne Hough!

Anonymous said...

To those of you getting down on the 20 year old criticizing hypocrisy... The very point you use is hypocritical. Johndc - you say that the girl is not trying to get sex appeal, then you say her outfit is "sexy"? Career and private life are not separate if you carry your morals and values with you. If you can do the opposite of what you believe for your work, that says a lot about you. BUT for the other side - It depends what she's choosing chastity for. If she's doing it for Christianity, then yes she's in the wrong by using her sexuality and looks in her career. If it's just for her own purity and relationships, then who cares if she dresses less than some? Dressing less isn't making her more likely to break her commitment, no matter how many guys end up wanting her.

Anonymous said...

I'd hit it

Anonymous said...

cleary the person leaving the comment calling her a slut is an independant fundemental legalistic pharasiacle, hypocritical, baptist. and is sitting on this site waiting to lash out on other people. you are wasting your time trying to defend whatever bull crap you believe. your an idiot! you call her a hypocrite yet you dont know anything about her. not one thing. congratulations pal, you think you know her heart because of the way she dresses on a show about dancing..? its called culture. if you moved to india and wanted to adapt to the people you would not keep doing what you did in the culture you were formerly apart of.. she says she doesnt do things and that she has morals.. you have no choice but to believe her. cause you dont know anything about her. think about what you are doing. what i am doing. we are wasting out time writing about how fake or how real this smokin hot babe is in her life.... you are and absolute moran. those are the clothes you wear when you dance. bottom line is, the only hypocrites talking write now are the very people that are posting comments about her... including me

Anonymous said...

oh and by the way... you talk of how slutty she dresses and how she is a lying whore basically. and how wrong it is to dress like she does and how hypocritical she is.................................. news flash. you are the one looking at her and watching the show. you hypocrite

Anonymous said...

Everyone walks down a different path to get to the same place, she is walking down her own, to get to marriage. Really, who has the right to say what is right or what is wrong, i am sure each and every one of us has done things a little differently and gotten to the same place with different reactions and people throwing in opinions and advice from all different angles.

Besides the fact that i admire her, i believe that she is standing by herself and what she believes in. And so what if she feels and acts sexy, she is not having sex. Is that not the whole point here? She wants to not have sex, she never said anything about not dressing a certain way, nor did she judge others for dressing in a particular fashion, she simply stated that she didn't want to have sex, and as far as this blog is concerned, she hasn't. So really.. she is doing exactly as she said and standing by the exact standards she set for herself, not having sex.

That's just my take on things, no need to start calling names or getting our panties up in a bunch, just another opinion to take in =]]