Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'll just do it until I need glasses

Stop at Buzzed

COLLEGVILLE, Minn. - Students at the College of St. Benedict and at St. John's University have been running a campaign over the past four years that urges their peers to stop drinking when they feel buzzed.

The "Stop at Buzzed" effort is designed to curb binge drinking among college age youths.

Senior student Kia Becht says buzzed is when: "You're relaxed. You're having fun, but you're not to the point that everything is starting to spin. You're still able to carry on a conversation that's not filled with slurs. You can walk straight."

The idea behind the campaign is that college students drink to have fun — so they should stop while still having fun.

I guess the Benedictines up at Collegeville have parsed this pretty close. I could find no reference to "Buzzed" in my catechism. I'm sure I am just too intellectually inept to grasp the subtleties of this deep theological question: How much is too much?

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