Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guess Who? 2008-3-19

Citrus Heights Man Claims He Saw Virgin Mary In Palm Tree Branch
He Says It's A Message From God

CITRUS HEIGHTS — 3/17 - Virgin Mary Image Sighting
t's Holy Week, and as worshippers are preparing for Easter Sunday, a Citrus Heights man believes he's received a message from God, through a palm tree, on Palm Sunday.

"I was going like this and I looked at it and said, Holy... it got me," said Manny Duenas who believes he found the image of the Virgin Mary in a palm tree branch.

Hmm...found on Palm Sunday... while he was doing yard work.... on Palm Sunday... what could the message be?

I guess this is the end result of spiritual starvation=apparitions. Hey..sort of like when you starve to death you hallucinate. You know though, I still believe it could be.

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