Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Still not good enough

OK, so we changed our prayers to make them happy. But, they are still peeved:
Jews disappointed by changes to Vatican prayer

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Jewish leaders have reacted with disappointment to the Vatican's new version of a Good Friday prayer for the conversion of Jews and said it could set back inter-religious relations by decades.

In changes to the contested Latin prayer announced on Tuesday, the Vatican removed a reference to Jewish "blindness" over Christ and deleted a phrase that asked God to "remove the veil from their hearts".

But the new version of the prayer still says Jews should recognise Jesus Christ as the saviour of all men and still has an underlying call to conversion they wanted omitted.
Well, sure, but that's what we're all about as Christians, isn't it?

This is rich:
Foxman said the changes were a "major departure" from the teachings of Pope John Paul, who died in 2005. He revolutionised relations with Jews, called them "our beloved elder brothers"
I'm sorry, Abe, but you ain't my bro.

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