Friday, February 1, 2008

Guess Who? 2008-2-1

Virgin Mary Pancake?

Two weeks before National Pancake Day, one Houston area family celebrated by preparing some 'flapjacks.' They were stunned when they saw a sacred Christian image on the egg-flour product.

"Someone has found a Virgin Mary out here," reports Houston Fox 26's Melinda Spaulding.

The mother of the family was making pancakes and she found a pancake with the icon. "I see a good omen," says family member James.

Houston FOX 26 interviewed the family members who believe they saw the Virgin Mary on a pancake. Witness the unexpected meal 'miracle' and judge for yourself.

The family plans on holding on to the pancakes.

Video Here

And just "two weeks before National Pancake Day"? This surely must be a sign of the Providence of the Allmighty!

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