Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I wonder if Christopher West helped him with this?

This is old, but hey, I'm just getting started:

Masturbation 'like Ferrari in 1st gear'

7 October 1999, 16:45

Vatican City - Masturbation is like owning a Ferrari and driving only in first gear, a senior Catholic theologian said in an article published Wednesday.

"Driving only in first gear, not only do you prevent the Ferrari expressing its full power, but gradually you wear it out and thereby ruin a masterpiece of technology," Father Giordano Muraro wrote in the magazine Vita Pastorale.

Muraro was responding to a reader who asked whether it was sinful to masturbate in the absence of one's spouse in order to reduce sexual tension.

According to Muraro, while masturbation - the sin of onanism in the bible - is "objectively a serious act, circumstances must be taken into account".

He said it was up to the person involved to "judge the gravity of his deed, in the context of the couple's path to God". - Sapa-AFP

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